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Forest Wedding Love

As of late, I have been having the marriage bug. My S.O and I will be hitting our three year mark in the beginning of 2015 in January. We’ve been through the ringer together ever since we first got together it seems. Being almost forced to move in together after only three months from first meeting in a very small 400 square foot apartment was a huge accomplishment. Neither one of us had ever lived with anyone we had dated before and with such a small apartment we basically lived in a closet together while still getting to know one another.
Almost three years later, we look at our cereal for dinner days, our fights and mistakes as memories. Some we are proud of and some were just plain learning experiences. We talk about marriage and of course I want to get into super detail with it from the types of food we would have to what song will play on our first dance. After much discussion we both decided that a forest wedding would be pretty awesome. Living in the desert, we don’t see much of it and for us there is just something so romantic, intimate and beautiful about being in nature to tie the knot. We are not fancy people and both quite introverted so something like a forest wedding would be very ideal. Below I have put together some really great inspiration photos, call it my wedding dream board if you will! Enjoy!

┬áLet’s all take a moment and imagine ourselves in this place, ahhhh.

Feels magical, right? Thanks for reading and viewing my personal wanna be wedding! Where did you get married? Where would you love to tie the knot?
Post your dream wedding ideas below in the comment.