Ways to make extra cash on the side

With all the changes the S.O and I have been going through these past few months, being able to save has become insanely hard and date nights now consist of staying inside and dancing to the radio. Not saying that it is bad, but you know what I mean. Starting new jobs, getting behind on payments and just trying to get caught up have made for some very¬†tight budgeting from the both of us. I am constantly looking for some new ways to make a little extra cash on the side to help supplement the differences until we get back on our feet again.¬†First of all, there is no shame in doing this, of course you don’t want to tell the world, “Hey Im freaking broke right now!” But that won’t be the case forever and sometimes everyone needs a little help. Believe it or not, many others are in the same boat and TONS of other people are in a much worse situation.

Remember to stay humble, keep track of expenses and live comfortably. If you get a sweet job that makes kick ass money, that by no means is telling you to get a bigger place or a new car. What if that job ends and you are screwed? Better to save for the long run than spend in the short term. I’ve had a few moments in life where I was unemployed and it was because I hated my job and decided to quit. I was actually able to spend two whole months off on the money I had saved! Thinking back now, I wish it were still the case! I love my current job now, but some extra c notes would be awesome at the moment. When parents are not an option and you have maxed your credit card out,(oops!) you have to start thinking smart and out of the box. I’ve been asking friends, family and searching the internet for some answers on how to accomplish making some extra cash on the side, and I am ready to share them with you!

If you have some awesome stuff worth money, take it to stores that offer store credit or cash for your goods! You can try a pawn shop but be ready to haggle, and typically I come back for my things so I can get more cash up front and have 90 days to repay them. There are also jewelry stores who will buy silver and gold in bulk to melt down. Take your old and unused metals and get some dough in your pocket while also decluttering.

If you have some so so items or nick-nacks, try a consignment store. Out where I live we have a place that will take vintage clothes, video games, cds, dvds, books, old cool toys ect. and either give cash or store credit. If you have a closet that looks like it is from a horror movie, go through it and take em to a clothes only consignment store and get some money that way. If it is new clothes you are after go ahead for the store credit and upgrade yourself! Recently, I sold my N64, Gameboy Pocket and a variety of games and walked out from the video game store with almost 80$ in my pocket, pretty good if I do say so myself!

If you don’t have much of anything that is okay because you still have options, my friend. If you are healthy and not too squeamish, try giving plasma or blood. Plasma typically pays more but it does take longer than giving blood. Be prepared to go through a semi rigorous overview though, they don’t allow just anyone to do the service. If you do pass, you can usually make up to 480$ a month by going and donating plasma three times a week! Sound awesome,right? If giving blood is not your thing, try finding a reputable survey company that will pay for your time. You can do this online or in person and from what I have heard, you can be looking at about 100$ a week for your thoughts and time.

If all else fails, sell your skills. If you can paint, draw, do graphic design, take photography, watch kids, go shopping for old people or whatever, try it! Take pride in yourself and your work and get out there! Don’t expect to make millions though, this option is one that can take some time to get rolling. Get yourself a nice portfolio together, a free website (like this one!) and try your luck. You will be surprised at the amount of people who just need a little help here and there and are willing to work with someone who is not a “professional” if you will.

Some other options to look into for help include churches, food banks and the state. I know that companies like APS will allow you to apply for electricity discounts if your pay is less than stellar. Some gyms like the YMCA also have a discount program that you can apply for. Churches typically have in house food banks if you need a little extra food in the fridge. And there is always the option of looking into what the state can help you with short-term. However, I don’t really recommend these things unless you are in dire need. Most of these services are for those who are really struggling and if you are not, do not take the resources that you don’t need.

Here are a few sites you should check out:
Plato’s Closet
Plasma and Blood donation information
Food Bank Finder
Online Survey Site

All in all, I hope this may help anyone who needs it. Please offer some more advice that you may have down below!