Capsule your clothes!

As of late, I’ve been trying to “capsulize” my wardrobe.
Sticking to the colors and styles you like will allow you to avoid purchasing items that don’t match or that end up sitting on a hanger until you give it to a thrift store.  For me, I love a lot of different styles and it makes it difficult to get my clothes to match or for me to have a set look. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve looked at my mismatched closet wondering why the hell I ever spent money on half the things in it. I’ve thrown out my entire wardrobe before only to mess it all up again with some random stuff I thought I liked. However, once I found out about capsuling I was ready to give it a try. I also read somewhere a tip that has stuck with me since, it says to image you are shopping in your own place and if you see something in there that you would’t buy at that moment, then you should get rid of it. This made a lot of sense to me and I decided I wanted to seriously fix the mess!
I sat down with a cup of coffee, pen and paper, and stack of magazines to begin finding out what look I really  wanted. Without taking notice to what I was highlighting in the magazines, I circled whatever I found really cute and I wished I had in my closet to wear. After doing this in about 5 different magazines I went back through and cut them out. When I had my clippings categorized I began to take notes on what I saw that I was drawn to as far as colors, patterns and styles that kept appearing. Doing this was actually really fun and I was happy with the results. By doing this I ended up writing a list of all the things I felt that my heart and eyes were really after.
I once again went to my closet and removed all of the stuff that did not fit into my new fashion outline. It really thinned me out, but it was a good thing. I was able to find what  I was looking for, make simple and cool outfits and even saved myself money at the laundry mat because I had less loads to wash!
I love my new found favorite colors, patterns , shoe and jewelry styles and now I only buy attire that is based on my  set guidelines. What I found that worked best for me was sticking with primarily neutral colors and then just mixing in a few statement pieces of my favorite patterns.
My personal guideline list consists of these :
Neutrals are ; black, brown, army green, navy blue and tan.
Statement pieces are ; leopard print, polka dots, and stripes.
For jewelry, I keep it all gold with jewels and black accents.  I also have an admiration for crystals and turquoise.
For shoes, I have them in black and brown of different variations and styles. I love black and gold jewelry and I also have some “Jesus” shoes, as hubby calls them, in the same colors. I own lots of boots for when I ride on the motorcycle and some Minnetonka leather brown moccasins for my everyday wearing.
So far, I haven’t had another malfunction in the clothing department and I keep finding ways to mix and match my small amount of clothing into countless amazing outfits. I strongly recommend doing this if you are having trouble defining your own style and need an update. You can even bring your guideline list with you when you go shopping to ensure success every time! There are also tons of boards and pins on the idea of capsule wardrobes on Pinterest that you should check out for some added inspiration.  Don’t be afraid of change, because in this case I promise it will make you a very happy (and devilishly stylish) person!
Check out my Polyvore collections I made to show you what my favorite looks are:
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.03.59 PM
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.04.10 PM

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