Inspiring Workspaces

Happy Sunday! It’s 8am here and we are wide awake ready to start our day. Lately, I can’t do much without enduring back pain. I have about eight weeks to go until the baby pops out.My nesting instincts are kicking into high gear and I want everything to be done and ready although I know it’s not going to happen.

One of the to-do’s on my list is to convert a small room that’s connected to our bedroom into a workspace. These work areas give me plenty of ideas!

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Love the acrylic chair


craft workspace

workspaceindustrial workspace


Ikea workspace

Do you have a work area that’s inspiring? I can’t wait for mine to be completed. Just another big project added onto a massive list of things to be done…

A girl can dream.

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For my ladies!

Alright ladies, I am feeling inclined to help you out with some make up tips to help you get the best look possible for your peepers! If you have a question that I do not address or would like a personalized how to, comment me below or contact me through my form here. I would be more than happy to help you out or even post a video tutorial to watch. Now keep reading for some of my simple eyeshadow fixes and then after I will share my personal daily beauty routine along with what makeup products I like to use.

Let the fun begin!

As you know, we all have differences and that is totally awesome. Like other body parts, eyes can also be different in their size and shape from each other as well. Scientific studies show that having a balanced and symmetrical face is perceived as most aesthetically pleasing, therefore, more attractive Your eyes should be the main focus of your lovely face because they are the window to the soul and also one of the most unique features about you. Take a look at the image at the top of this article to get an idea of your eye shape! Now that you have an idea of what you may have, here are the tricks to making them look better!

If you have monolids, try doing a thick cat eye as close to the lash line as possible. Try different colors to make your eyes pop. Purple and blue are great complimenting colors if you have brown eyes. You can also try using a shimmery base all over up just past the brow bone. Use a nice dark brown to create a crease and blend upwards and outwards for a enlarging effect. For added oomph, line your waterline and smudge some color just below, top it off with some falsies and enjoy your new look!

If you have hooded eyelids, focus on applying the shadow just above the crease along the lower part of the brow bone so that it can be seen when you open your eyes and connect it to a line along the the top of the lashes. Keep a strong brow to frame your eyes and if using false lashes, try the individual kind. Place them from the middle of the eye to the outsides lightly. Using the strip method will only make your hooded eyes more closed looking, opposite of what you want.

If you have deep set eyes, brighten up the your natural shadowing by using on a beige or warm metallic hue on the lid like peach or light gold. Then, highlighting under your arches with an illuminating chunky eyeshadow pencil.

To prevent smudging from your lashes grazing your lids, finish your look with some waterproof mascara.

If you have downturned eyes, You want to focus on defining them in the outer corners with eyeliner or darker shades. Keep your lid shades light and shimmery while using medium matte shades for contouring in the crease and darker matte shades to accentuate and blend out the corners of your eyes. Try a cool cat eye for a balancing affect and be sure to only line your TOP lid.

If you have upturned eyes,  You have the perfect eye shape for some awesome smokey eye action! With your eye make up you are going to aim for symmetry by using light shades on the first half of the inner eye to open them up. Use a medium shade on the middle to end half of the eye and a dark shade at the ends to give a balancing and nice depth effect! When using liner, you may coat the top and bottom but for best results keep the top line thinner than the bottom for added symmetry.

If you have close set eyes,  your fix is pretty simple and easy to achieve! You want to make your eyes appear at least one eye size apart. Using shimmery pearly colors in the inner eyes and around them can really help. Use darker colors and BLEND like crazy upwards and outwards to lengthen your eyes. You can try some liner on top and bottom, brining the tail out further than your real size. Use some individual lashes on the ends of the lash line to really emphasize and give the effect of larger and wider eyes!

If you have wide set eyes, you want to be using darker shades on your inner eyelid while being sure to blend the pigment into the crease in an outward motion. Use lighter shades on the middle of the lid. You can also use liner on the entire water line, top and bottom, and not worry about looking beady eyed! Extend your inner eye color up to the brow bone and lightly pat some shimmer onto the top middle part of the eye, right above your iris.

My daily beauty routine

Having to be up and ready for work in time to eat breakfast and take the pup out means I can’t be in high glamour mode, so I keep it down to just a few steps. But, I still make sure to look great at the office! 

After washing my face I use a shine proof primer to keep me from getting too oily in midday and it also keeps all my makeup looking smooth and uniform.
Afterwards I start on my eyebrows. Depending on how I am feeling, I will either use an angled brush with matte brown powder or an eyebrow pencil for super defined brows.
Next, I use gel liner for the simple yet classic cat eye in black and crimp my eyelashes.
If you have a blow dryer, blast your curler for a few seconds to get it warm and give your lashes extra staying power. I apply two to three coats of mascara in black on top and bottom, being sure to get the lashes on the ends of my eyelids.
Then, I use a small dome shaped brush to apply a nice shimmery pearl eyeshadow on my inner lids and the rim right below to give my eyes a larger appearance. Sometimes I also will get in my crease and use a fluffy brush to define my eyes with a medium brown from the middle of my eye outwards and around to the edge of my bottom water line.
If I’m feeling really blah, I will apply some dark maroon lipstick and smudge it around a bit to make it look more casual like a lip stain.
Last, I use oil free foundation all over with a blending sponge being sure to go down the neck and not miss any spots around my jaw. No one likes that horrid orange line from careless blending!
I set everything with powder by pressing it into my skin and lightly sweep some blush across my cheeks for a pinch of color.
That is about it in a nutshell and believe it or not, I can typically get done it all finished in under twenty minutes! 

My list of beauty products I use for my daily beauty routine:

Face wash : Mario Badescu for oily/combination skin.

Skin primer: Sephora anti-shine foundation primer.

Foundation: Boots no. 7 Beautifully matte foundation SPF 15 in Deeply Beige

Eyebrow shadow/pencil : Brown Smolder from Covergirl / Boots no. 7 eyebrow pencil- in brown.

Gel liner: Maybelline New York EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H – Intense Black.

Mascara: L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara (It’s a dupe for the Benefit ‘They’re Real!’ mascara!) – In black.

I hope this helped some of you out! Please share any tips and tricks you have for your eyes! Thank you for reading. 

Capsule your clothes!

As of late, I’ve been trying to “capsulize” my wardrobe.
Sticking to the colors and styles you like will allow you to avoid purchasing items that don’t match or that end up sitting on a hanger until you give it to a thrift store.  For me, I love a lot of different styles and it makes it difficult to get my clothes to match or for me to have a set look. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve looked at my mismatched closet wondering why the hell I ever spent money on half the things in it. I’ve thrown out my entire wardrobe before only to mess it all up again with some random stuff I thought I liked. However, once I found out about capsuling I was ready to give it a try. I also read somewhere a tip that has stuck with me since, it says to image you are shopping in your own place and if you see something in there that you would’t buy at that moment, then you should get rid of it. This made a lot of sense to me and I decided I wanted to seriously fix the mess!
I sat down with a cup of coffee, pen and paper, and stack of magazines to begin finding out what look I really  wanted. Without taking notice to what I was highlighting in the magazines, I circled whatever I found really cute and I wished I had in my closet to wear. After doing this in about 5 different magazines I went back through and cut them out. When I had my clippings categorized I began to take notes on what I saw that I was drawn to as far as colors, patterns and styles that kept appearing. Doing this was actually really fun and I was happy with the results. By doing this I ended up writing a list of all the things I felt that my heart and eyes were really after.
I once again went to my closet and removed all of the stuff that did not fit into my new fashion outline. It really thinned me out, but it was a good thing. I was able to find what  I was looking for, make simple and cool outfits and even saved myself money at the laundry mat because I had less loads to wash!
I love my new found favorite colors, patterns , shoe and jewelry styles and now I only buy attire that is based on my  set guidelines. What I found that worked best for me was sticking with primarily neutral colors and then just mixing in a few statement pieces of my favorite patterns.
My personal guideline list consists of these :
Neutrals are ; black, brown, army green, navy blue and tan.
Statement pieces are ; leopard print, polka dots, and stripes.
For jewelry, I keep it all gold with jewels and black accents.  I also have an admiration for crystals and turquoise.
For shoes, I have them in black and brown of different variations and styles. I love black and gold jewelry and I also have some “Jesus” shoes, as hubby calls them, in the same colors. I own lots of boots for when I ride on the motorcycle and some Minnetonka leather brown moccasins for my everyday wearing.
So far, I haven’t had another malfunction in the clothing department and I keep finding ways to mix and match my small amount of clothing into countless amazing outfits. I strongly recommend doing this if you are having trouble defining your own style and need an update. You can even bring your guideline list with you when you go shopping to ensure success every time! There are also tons of boards and pins on the idea of capsule wardrobes on Pinterest that you should check out for some added inspiration.  Don’t be afraid of change, because in this case I promise it will make you a very happy (and devilishly stylish) person!
Check out my Polyvore collections I made to show you what my favorite looks are:
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.03.59 PM
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.04.10 PM

Forest Wedding Love

As of late, I have been having the marriage bug. My S.O and I will be hitting our three year mark in the beginning of 2015 in January. We’ve been through the ringer together ever since we first got together it seems. Being almost forced to move in together after only three months from first meeting in a very small 400 square foot apartment was a huge accomplishment. Neither one of us had ever lived with anyone we had dated before and with such a small apartment we basically lived in a closet together while still getting to know one another.
Almost three years later, we look at our cereal for dinner days, our fights and mistakes as memories. Some we are proud of and some were just plain learning experiences. We talk about marriage and of course I want to get into super detail with it from the types of food we would have to what song will play on our first dance. After much discussion we both decided that a forest wedding would be pretty awesome. Living in the desert, we don’t see much of it and for us there is just something so romantic, intimate and beautiful about being in nature to tie the knot. We are not fancy people and both quite introverted so something like a forest wedding would be very ideal. Below I have put together some really great inspiration photos, call it my wedding dream board if you will! Enjoy!

 Let’s all take a moment and imagine ourselves in this place, ahhhh.

Feels magical, right? Thanks for reading and viewing my personal wanna be wedding! Where did you get married? Where would you love to tie the knot?
Post your dream wedding ideas below in the comment.

Tattoos ; what you should know.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!
As a person with many tattoos, about 15 and counting… I get asked a lot about getting art work done. Friends and family want to know where to go, how to find a good artist and what to expect. Over the years I’ve had a lot of experiences getting art work done and when I first began I made a lot of mistakes in choosing how I went about it. I just wanted to share my thoughts and ideas about the process and give a few tips to those who are looking into getting tattooed, or are just starting out.

Before you get tattooed do a lot of research! 
My first tattoo happened when I was 17 and I had no parental consent so I made a horrible decision and went to get my work done from someone in their apartment. Thinking back now, I don’t even remember who introduced me to this guy and now after having great professional work done I see how completely stupid I was for letting this guy work on me. However, don’t get me wrong, I do see an artist now who previously owned his own shop but now works from home and does AMAZING work but 90% of the time, it is a very bad idea to go this route. When looking for a reputable artist, be sure to look into some information about him or her and don’t be afraid to ask them any questions you may have if you meet them before hand. The apartment guy who did my first tattoos completely scarred me and I had to end up getting them covered as a result.

Here is a list of questions you may want to ask your possible new artist:

1. How long have you been doing this? How did you start?

2. Tell me about your cleaning procedures and your equipment? Do you use new needles every time? Do you use an autoclave for other parts of your equipment? (an autoclave is a cleaning machine that uses very high temps to kill germs)

3. Do you have a portfolio I can take a look at?

When I had first visited a shop I felt almost stupid for asking these types of questions, but remember that it is YOUR body that they are doing permanent work on. If they are rude about it, then they don’t deserve your money anyway. Also, when looking at their portfolio make sure you like the type of style they have, most artists can switch it up from realistic to traditional but not all of them. Look at the quality of the line work and how even the colors are. These are all things that make a great artist.

Right before getting tattooed, make sure you have something in your stomach and bring water. Once I was getting my back tattoo finished and hadn’t had any food for the day yet.Although the pain wasn’t horrible I ended up crying and shaking due to low blood sugar and I had to stop. Also do not take any drugs, legal or not, before getting worked on. It can only cause problems while you are there like causing you to bleed more that usual. Also, if you want someone to come and support you only bring one close friend. You don’t need a posse in there crowding the artist and trust me, they won’t appreciate it. When trying on the stencils, be sure you love every little part on it. If you don’t, don’t feel bad asking them to change it. They are used to it and can do it pretty quickly. Also, bring some headphones to listen to music and zone out if you will be sitting for a long session.

When you are finished, listen to the care instructions he or she gives you. Write them down if you need to. The after care is very important because it affects how well the color will hold and if done right you will heal faster. Some tips about healing:

1. Thank your artist, and be sure to tip on top of it. They have to pay their shop fees just for sitting in their area on top of the costs of supplies. Tattoos can be expensive, and in the world of body art, it is worth it. Cheap prices equal cheap work that you are stuck with for the rest of your life.

2.Keep your tattoo covered for a few extra hours after it is finished. Then wash it with antibacterial scentless soap. Get the blood off of it and cover it with the given or advised cream. I really like using aquaphor but after a few days it did give me a rash so I switched to A&D.

3. Do not EVER pick your tattoo or touch or let anyone else tough it unless you are cleaning it. I know they get terribly itchy, but doing so can scar the area and pull the ink out. You can also cause an infection from hand and nail germs and this will lengthen your tattoo’s quality and its healing time.

These is just a quick run down of advice I give to those who ask for it. Getting tattooed is a fun and thrilling experience!

I often get stopped by strangers so they can get a closer work at my art and I am cool with it because the work is good and I am very proud of it. All in all, do your research and reap the benefits of some really great art. Share your horror stories or great experiences with me below!
If you have any other questions or something to add that I did not share, feel free to comment! Thank you and happy tattooing!